Chick Lit and Prosecco


Chatting about chick lit. Sipping a nice glass of Prosecco. Hanging out with like-minded, bookish friends and adorable, witty writers. You may even be snuggled in your PJs, as you coo over Kinsella or have a craic about the latest Keyes.

Where is this fabled place, I hear you cry. Club Tropicana? Are the drinks really free? Tell me more!

OK, hold tight, because here is my vision.


Chick Lit and Prosecco hits Facebook

It’s a brand new, sparkling Facebook group called Chick Lit and Prosecco. It’s for readers and writers of the genre to come together, share gossip, and have a whole lot of fun.

And what’s even better? If you’re in love with reading or writing chick lit, it will be bursting at the seams with your soul people.

The ones who get why you haven’t slept for days because you can’t put that fantastic book down. (But you don’t even want it to end! ) The ones who know the thrill of a book sale when you can’t stop stroking and snatching like a kid in a sweet shop. You need these books. You must have them all!

Are you there yet? Are you with me on this mission to find these people and have all of the good times?

Because this is really happening! And gorgeous, you are invited. I want you. We all want you. Hell, it would be pretty rubbish without you.

Join the chick lit revolution! Fun guaranteed.
Did you hear about this hilarious new group? Let’s go!

Chick Lit in my Slippers?

Yes yes, you say. Give me my invitation. I’m there! Fluffy bunny slippers on feet, Prosecco in hand, and ready to chat all things chicky and litty with a bunch of kindred spirits. From the safety of my own front room! Now that’s my kind of party.

So here’s how I see it. The Chick Lit and Prosecco Chat Group will be a safe, cosy place where readers and writers of chick lit hang out. Sharing recommendations, reminiscing over characters who legged it with their hearts, getting excited about their next reads.

Finding new authors to fall in love with – some of whom may well be in the group, sharing their writing escapades and letting you in on little secrets. Because chick lit writers are chick lit readers too.  And I have invited some! They adore their genre and want to celebrate it as much as we do.

Imagine, for example:

Chick Lit Readers

Posting pics of your latest read, the stash of books you’ve just wheel-barrowed home from the charity shop, or the sun lounger/cosy cat corner you’re reading from.

Sharing bookish memes, silly GIFs about shoes, or photos of your Friday night bubbly.

Or just rocking up to look at pretty pictures and be entertained. Why the devil not.

Romcom readers untie! Join our Facebook group today.
Look at me, girls! A hard night of balancing the books…

Fledgling Chick Lit Writers (Like Me!)

Getting to know other budding newbies, sharing the journey, getting advice in a supportive environment full of your very own cheerleaders. Finding beta reader friends. Avoiding the overwhelm of a big scary group where you’re the newbie. Teasing the world of readers with a taste of what’s to come when you grow your writerly wings and fly. Finding your future fans!

Established Chick Lit Writers

Being our in-house celebrities! Telling us about your books and divulging behind the scenes gossip. Using us for market research. (Readers LOVE to be involved, and will be even more excited to buy your book if they’ve been part of the process!)

(Don’t worry – the group will be closed – to incentivise join ups and encourage the right kind of people – no riff-raff allowed!)

As long as you’re a genuine member of the community, self-promotion is a beautiful and natural thing. We are sure you won’t spam our lovely home!

What Else?

I will be posting little videos about what I’m reading or writing and even using Facebook Live if I’m feeling brave and inspired. Everyone is welcome to do the same. It’s a fantastic way to let the tribe know who you are, and to make our chat group a unique and friendly place.

Fellow writers – if I’ve had a ball reading your book, I will be sure to shout about it in the group, and I’m sure others will too. This is a chick lit party after all!

Join the Facebook group for readers of funny romance. We want you!
Now this is my kind of party. Pass the blanket…

Chick Lit or Romcom?

Ooh, controversial…

Romcom is perhaps the more modern name for the genre, and the label ‘chick lit’ has been known to ruffle a few feathers (you see what I did there? OK, no more bad jokes!)

But quite honestly, I couldn’t find a title including the term ‘romcom’ which was both snappy and unambiguous (could romcom mean films? Would I need extra wording to clarify?)

And, hey. It’s my party and I’ll be a chick, hen or flipping rubber duck if I want to! Who’s with me?!

Full Disclosure Moment

Anyone who reads my blog will know I’m all about the honesty (and TMI!) They don’t call be Brazen Mummy for nothing.

So here goes. Six months ago, I would never have had the lady-balls to set up a group. Something akin to impostor syndrome would have knocked me off my perch. A cheeky, sneaky voice that told me I wasn’t yet a real writer, a real mother, or indeed a real anything.

But thanks to my blogging journey so far, thanks to the amazing fellow bloggers I’ve found to huddle with, the beautiful faithful readers who brighten my day, and the many uplifting ladies across my various Facebook groups, I don’t feel like an impostor any more.

Nothing changed about my life; but my outlook did. I write, I press publish, I share my heart with the world. I am me, unapologetically. So there will be no internal voices asking me what I think I’m playing at. No ‘what if nobody comes,’ no ‘will I be hanging out in my PJs, drinking fizz teute seule.’

I will make a fabulous, supportive clan. I will work hard to bring people together and to keep them entertained. I will help fellow writers, and I will spread as much joy as possible with the splendour of words.

Readers will unite and celebrate chick lit like the book nerdy ladies we are.

For there is no treat more glorious than the joy of reading a book. Wearing your fluffy slippers. With or without Prosecco.


Can’t wait to see you there!

Prosecco and books - join the Facebook group now!
Daaaaarling, I’m simply fizzing with excitement! Chin chin.

Over to You

So tell me, do you read chick lit? Do you prefer to call it romcom? Who are your favourite writers? Scroll down to the comments box and tell me all about it. Your thoughts are always the best bit!

Don’t forget to share this message all over social media, using one of my square social share buttons, or any other snazzy way you fancy.

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Give me More!

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Or how about the one where I gave birth to a blog? Ouch!

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Pink socks – Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Laughing Ladies – Photo by Ben White on Unsplash

Slippers – Photo by Lisa Fotios from Pexels

Fizz – Photo by Amy Shamblen on Unsplash


17 Replies to “Chick Lit and Prosecco”

  1. I read chick lit and despite it’s controversial name like the sound it makes. It’s not fuddy fuddy sounding like women’s fiction but more upbeat which is what I think it is meant to be. You may sob, scream and have heart broken while reading it but you come away uplifted by the laughs, thoughts and growth the character makee.

    1. Wow, that is extremely well put! Yes, you can bet your butt there will be a roller coaster of emotions to be found in chick lit. Definitely not just hot air, and not for fuddy duddy types. 😂 xx

  2. I haven’t read chick lit in a long time but have joined the group and will revisit the genre!

  3. Very proud to be a part of your fabulous group! It’s a great idea, we really do need more space for creative, smart women. I shall continue to do a lot of stalking, until I manage to pluck up the courage to put finger to keyboard….

    1. Ha ha, bless you. It’s a lovely, safe space. Get on over there and sparkle, when you’re ready. Xx

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