Confessions of a Writer – Mummy Feels Naked

So I’m a closet writer. They say the first step is admitting it.

I’ve been thrashing away at my laptop over the past…ahem…few years, writing and rewriting (a million times) my first rom com novel. (My predictive text did not understand rom com. It offered me poo boo. Thanks.)

A Writer, You Say?

A few people know about this dratted book, but very few have seen proof of its existence. It has become like my secret shame. When people ask me how it’s coming along, I want to kill them. Extreme, I know. But when the truth is that you’ve got another long and arduous edit ahead and you’re losing the will to live, it’s them or you! The road to becoming a published writer is loooooooong.

(Yes, yes. The naked bit is coming!)

Writing Confessions
Is Mummy good enough..?
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Why Didn’t Mummy Just Knit?!

In fairness, most people don’t realise how many edits and rewrites are involved in bringing a novel together. If I’d have realised myself I’d have taken up knitting. There would be enough woolly garments to clothe the whole of bloody Lapland by now.

I’m. Not. Bitter.

It took me a year to write the first draft, whilst working full time. That was the easy bit. The real writing is done at editing stage for many writers, which is definitely true for me. (Even this blog post will have about ten edits. Ten edits, you say. For it to be this bad!)

Polishing the words until they shine like tiny emeralds, decluttering until every sentence earns its place, and of course making it flipping hilarious come with the editing.

Edit by edit, layer by layer, shaping, moulding, adding meaning. And for idiots like me who think they’ll just write a novel without checking what this complicated process actually entails, the rewrites can involve going back and giving your story an actual plot. Who knew!

Mummy Procrastinates

So what the hell am I doing faffing about setting up a new blog and writing blog posts when I’ve got a novel to rewrite, you may legitimately ask. (Not to mention book two that’s already part written, and book three that’s churning around in my head. B-Daddy thinks I’m procrastinating. He may have a point.)

But writing books is rarely the only task to be done for most writers. As much as many of us would prefer to hide in our writing sheds like the introverts we may be, we must go forth and find our tribe of poor unsuspecting readers and dangle our wares. So here I am, a little bit bashful and a whole lot terrified, trying to brazen it out like I know what I’m doing. Haaaaa.


Honestly though, releasing my precious words into the world for all to judge feels like walking naked into school assembly whilst everyone points, gapes and giggles at my wonky bits. It’s so chilly being this exposed. Dare I lay down my delicate dreams for everyone to meander over in their muddy Ugg boots..?

Writer naked exposed
Thank you to the naked lady – who is not me!
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But hell, sometimes you’ve just got to scare yourself, haven’t you? If I don’t take a chance I’ll never know if I can be a writer. And how can I possibly teach Little B he can be anything he wants to be (barring serial killer or strange flasher man with anorak) if I don’t have the lady-balls to fight for my own aspirations. (And hey, Dick and Angel dreamed big and landed themselves a 45 room chateau. Perhaps there is hope for the rest of us.)

Mummy Takes Her Sword

Well, that’s settled then. With a Bic biro as my reasonably priced sword I hereby pledge to “try and make it as a writer”, much like the summer when Ross from Friends tried to “make it as a dancer”, only infinitely more humiliating.

Thank you for letting me practise my art on you. It won’t be as cool as having a friend trying out for Bake Off. There won’t be cake (although if I get my book baby published one day, the biscuits are on me). But you will get to gape and laugh at my wonky bits (in a non-naked way), and I promise I’ll be grateful and non-murderous if you ask me how the book’s going.

So January is for faffing around with blog posts and setting up this blog thingamy.  (It’s been TRAUMATIC – read why here.) And in February, I promise I’ll start my next round of editing on the rom com. And when it’s as lovely as it can be, I’ll send it off into the world of literary agents with my fingers and toes crossed in pretty patterns, and will keep you posted…

So tell me, do you have a closet passion? Something you love to do but feel a bit embarrassed to confess? Are you a secret rock musician, finger knitter, chateau re-developer? Feel free to admit it here, so I’m not the only one feeling silly and naked. Now, don’t be shy…

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34 Replies to “Confessions of a Writer – Mummy Feels Naked”

  1. Your books sounds intriguing and I love hearing about writer’s “process” (although that sounds a bit poncy when I put it like that!) Good luck with the editing (you know it’s February now, right?) via The Blogging Mum’s Club

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! You’re a star. Err yes, I know it’s February. Shh! I’m doing the “just one more week thing… I know I know, I must really get on with it. Definitely next week! 😛 x

  2. Oh wow what an incredible achievement, especially with having a child around too! Parenthood is all consuming, so managing to write a book in the middle of that is very inspiring 🙂

    1. Thanks Cath. It’s a labour of love, that’s for sure. But honestly, you don’t want to see my dreadful toes…😜 x

  3. Oh good luck with it all, you will get there! I find setting up a blog the hardest thing ever as well so you have done amazing. I am not sure I could do it from scratch again

    1. Thanks Sonia. Yes, I’ve no idea how I managed to set the blog up. Just pressed a lot of buttons until something worked. Couldn’t do it again either! 😝

  4. Oh this sounds so exciting. I am sure you will smash it once that final edit is done. If you already have book two half written and ideas for three then it’s definitely got staying power. Good luck x

  5. I’m a writer too and have a goal to publish my first book this year. I’m almost finished with the first draft, then the editing comes along. Good luck with your book. It sounds interesting.

  6. I would be so rubbish at writing a book as I really don’t like proof reading and editing, so well done you. Good luck with pushing it over the finish line.

  7. I abso-bloody-lutely love this!

    And I love the way you write, too, so all that “faffing” [insert drafting and redrafting] is definitely worth it 🙂

    I won’t ask if you’ve got an agent, or a publisher, for fear of being murdered 😀 But I wish you every success and I can’t wait to hear more about your writing journey.

    I’ve written a couple of children’s stories, sent them to one agent (who graciously declined them) and they’ve since languished on my hard drive gathering dust. Well at least GinGin enjoyed them when I read them to her.

    Good luck!
    Jennie xx

    1. Wow, thanks Jennie. You’ve made my week! What a kind soul you are. Glad the hours spent taking out commas and putting them back in weren’t entirely wasted! Don’t give up on your books. J K Rowling got tens of rejections, and you’re obviously better! Or you could even self-pub, and keep all your millions to yourself. Do it! Xx

      1. You’re very welcome Anita. I really enjoyed reading this, and will be back again and again to read your other posts too 🙂

        I’m also delighted to know that I’m not the only person who spends hours wrestling with commas!

        Pretty sure I could have written the entire Harry Potter series in a week 😀 Seriously though she is a woman to be admired. I might look at my books again some day. I’ll take my inspiration from you xx

        1. Thanks Jennie. I’m enjoying your fabulous posts too. Blog-mance! Yes, be inspired and take to your Bic biro. You can do it! Xx

    1. Ooh, my first customer! Too exciting! I’d better get on with it. 😂 Thanks so much for reading. Xx

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