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Anita Faulkner – Writer

Anita Faulkner - Writer

Looking for a writer? Work with me!

Hi, I’m Anita Faulkner, avid writer and cheeky face behind Brazen Mummy Writes. Welcome to my website.

I’m so glad you landed here as I’m thrilled to be offering my services as a freelance writer.

My experience is vast and varied, so I am confident I can help you with your writing needs.

What Do I Do?

I currently specialise in articles and blog posts on parenting, and anything which relates to the writing and blogging journey.

That being said, I’m always excited to turn my pen to anything which inspires me, so feel free to ask!

As a blogger I have explored many styles of writing, from heartfelt, to thought-provoking to gloriously tongue in cheek.

My articles have graced the glossy pages of Cotswold Life and I have been invited to guest blog on various wonderful websites.

My Background

As a writer of romantic comedy novels I delight in pulling readers heart-first on an emotional journey; making them laugh, cry, and fall in love with a hero who doesn’t even exist. What a joy!

Before taking time out to be a mother, I worked as a fully qualified solicitor. I have more than 10 years of litigation experience and am accomplished in writing to convince courts, judges, business clients and of course private individuals. So rest assured I can write as formally or informally as your piece requires.

In fact whoever your readers are, I will craft words which speak directly to them, in a language which resonates and fits perfectly with your publication.

So what are you waiting for! If you enjoy my writing and think we could work together, just ping me a message. It could be the start of something beautiful.

I look forward to chatting to you soon!

My email address is:

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