Father’s Day Poem

You may have caught my Mother’s Day post, in which I apologised to my mum for a lifetime of being a bit of a selfish toad. So staying topical, I have a Father’s Day poem for you. It is from my little boy to his Daddy. Yes, he’s very advanced for a toddler, don’t you think! It’s all his own work. (So excuse the formatting – he’s just a kid!)

Here goes…

Father’s Day Poem to Daddy


Here are my hands which I ask you to hold,

To guide me, to love me, as my small life unfolds


Ten sticky fingers which curl around yours,

Just a short time together but it’s you I adore


When I wake each morning my heart seeks you out,

I want you to hug me, so Dadda I shout


You come to me tiredly, good morning you say,

We speak to my teddies, you brighten my day


You patiently read to me, never tire of my toys,

We roll around the floor like two little boys


You show me your garden, the vegetables you grow,

I tread carefully in wellies, watering seeds that you sow 


One day I’ll turn into you, two halves of a whole,

Daddy I love you with all of my soul

A Father's Day poem from a son to his Daddy
Strolling with the big man


Ahh, wasn’t that sweet.

So come on, do tell. Are you up to anything this Father’s Day? We’re hopefully off in seek of a fry up. YUM. I’d love to hear what you got up to, in the comments box a bit further down.

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29 Replies to “Father’s Day Poem”

  1. Thanks for a lovely poem, little man. You seem to have inherited your mummy’s creativity and imagination. Lucky boy! X

  2. This is beautiful. And really does sum up the daddy/son relationship so well.

    I’ve spent the day with my Daddy, the kids and fiancé, and despite missing Mum, it’s been lovely x

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