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I’m a Copywriter

I write the words so that you don’t have to

Doesn’t that sound like a treat!

Hi there, I’m Anita Faulkner, cheeky face behind Brazen Mummy Writes.

As well as writing this blog and the blog on my author website, I also run my own copywriting business called Glittering Copy.

So if you’re a female coach or creative who’s excited to grow your business with the power of words, you’re in the right place.

Whether it’s the wording for your website, sales funnel, newsletter or blog, I know you want your copy to shine. To sparkle off the page and reflect your incredible personality.

You want your messaging to be on-brand and authentic, and to resonate with your ideal clients.

You need those words to be engaging, connecting, telling your story and of course converting to sales. And your online copy should be SEO friendly too.

I know it can feel overwhelming when you just want to get on with the work you truly love. There’s so much to think about with persuasive copy. So much to understand. And where’s the time?

I hear you!

That’s why I’m happy to see if I can help. Because words are my gift, my strength.

Let’s make your copy sparkle so your perfect clients are drawn to you, invest in you and stay with you for the journey.

Just ping me a quick email and we’ll chat. If you’re as wonderful as I think you are, I’d be thrilled to lend a hand.

Here’s my email address:

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